Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kilian, Color and Divine Design

What do the names in the title have in common??  Every year, the Boston Design Center puts on an extravaganza called Design Boston.  It's three days of design seminars, food, awards, food, "meet and greets"..and did I mention food??  And this year, they added perfume into the mix!!!  (Into the seminars...NOT into the food!)

All of the seminars were good, but three stand out - "Forecasting Colors for 2012" with Jackie Jordan of Sherwin Williams - an unveiling of the colors and their inspirations for the coming year.




Red   (All color images from Wikipedia)

"Candice Olson on Design" - star of HGTV's "Divine Design" let us in on her approach to design.

"At the Nexus of Art, Commerce and Storytelling with Master Perfumer Kilian Hennessy" (so yummy!) - not only did we get to listen to his dreamy French accent, we also heard about his inspirations for his scents and we got to sniff him...uhh, I mean them...Sorry, I got distracted....

Kilian Hennessy (photo pilfered from the internet)
                       And now you know WHY I got distracted.....Is it getting warm in here??

OK, back to the post....Let's concentrate on Kilian today... (so easy to do..)  Kilian Hennessy is a blend of the families of Louis Vuitton and Hennessy Cognac.  Now that's what I call good breeding!

His perfumes are inspired by the different stages of love and passion - "Prelude to Love", "Beyond Love", "A Taste of Heaven", "Liasons Dangereuses" and "Cruel Intentions" are some of the scents in his collection.  (Still getting hot in here...) According to Kilian, "Black is the only color."  His perfume bottles are sleek black glass with a silver name plate, nestled in a box of black satin.  Each box has the impression of a shield because, he says,  perfume is your "protective armor".  The boxes also come with a lock and key that hints at the "secrets" within!  He is the ultimate in chic!

By Kilian perfume Bottle
After the seminar, we got to try out all the scents at the perfume bars.  Citrus, powder, floral, honey, tobacco, (tobacco???) yes, tobacco!  And they all smelled so wonderful! We were also served Prosecco and French hors d'oeuvres.  Between the perfume and the Prosecco, my head was spinning!  We took away scent cards so we could keep them all straight.  I am sitting at my computer 2 weeks later and the smell of perfume is still wafting into the room...yum....!  You can find his perfume at bykilian.com.

Wow, this post sounded like a commercial! ( I volunteer to be the spokesperson!!)

Next post I will tell you all about Candice Olson's approach to design.  So stay tuned!

"Happiness is like perfume: You can't give it away without getting a little on yourself".  - Unknown