Friday, June 11, 2010

Lighten Up!

Sunshine! Warm Weather! The grass is growing. The flowers are blooming. Our gardens are planted. But our homes still bear the last remnants of winter.

We don't wear heavy sweaters in the summer....neither should your home! Change out those heavy, dark winter throw pillows and replace them with light colored, floral or geometric shapes. If your curtains are made of a heavy material, replace them with cotton, linen or sheer fabric. You can even do the same for the bedspreads and duvets. Lighten up the fabrics and the room will feel cooler.

Bring the outside in! But do it with a twist! Instead of the usual cut flowers for centerpieces, make a planter using herbs! We all love the look and fragrance of cut flowers, but a pot of herbs will do that and more! Chives have beautiful lavender colored flowers. Basil grows tall and bushy and has a wonderful aroma. Parsley looks beautiful when planted in an urn or ceramic pot (see top photo). The curling stems from a garlic plant give a quirky, contemporary look. The best part is, not only will they look good on your table, you can cut off pieces to use in your cooking. Keep the plants in a sunny spot most of the time and place them on your table when you want to dress it up. Take a sniff....take a snip! And enjoy the summer!

"When you stop to smell the roses....don't forget to open your eyes and see their beauty."

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  1. At the start of summer my Mom would always change the bed comforter to a cotton white bedspread, and the curtains to white sheers. Thanks for reminding me to take a little time to bring summer into my house. Maybe that's why I feel like summer was so much sweeter when I was growing up !


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