Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Step By Step...

If all goes well, sometime in the middle of April I will be part of a new business opening up in Marblehead, MA!  Step By Step Carpet and Interiors!

You've heard the saying "everything happens for a reason..."  Last year when the design business was slow, I started looking for a part time job to tide me over until people were ready to spend money on their homes.  I interviewed for a bookkeeper's job at an oriental rug store, but the owner wanted me there five days a week, five hours a day.  Yes it was part time, but not part time enough.  Add on a 40 minute commute and this was becoming a full time job, without the full time pay!  Since no one else was banging down my door to hire me, I took the job.  

Kathy Sasso had been working there for the past 14 years selling wall to wall carpet and oriental rugs.  She also did a little interior design for her customers on the side but didn't have enough time to pursue it in depth.  She was turning away customers.  TURNING AWAY CUSTOMERS????  I was nauseous!!  Somehow we needed to join forces but given our work schedules it was going to be difficult. The "Powers That Be" heard us.   Lo and behold, the owner of the rug store decided to close down.  Kathy wasn't ready to give up her job and worked it out with the owner to take over the wall to wall rug department.  Wheels started turning... (it was a no-brainer!)   Kathy needed a bookkeeper and someone with design knowledge.  I needed design customers....perfect match!  Some pizza and a couple of glasses of wine later and we had the workings of a new business!   Now for a name..."Wining" Women Design??  Red Carpet Interiors? Hmm...needs to incorporate interior design and carpeting... Good interior design is a process.  It doesn't happen over night.  It can be overwhelming but we will get you there "step by step".  Ta Da!!

Here is a sneak preview of things to come!

Carpet - old school....

Today's Carpet - great pattern and color on a flat weave
This isn't your grandmother's carpet!!

Texture in a solid color
Showroom - before....

We have a few more hurdles to jump, a showroom to set up, and lots of planning to do.  But we'll get there....step by step!  Stay tuned!

Portal to our new world!
"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." - Flora Whittemore


  1. I am so excited for your new venture and look forward to visiting you in Marblehead when you open your doors to new business! Congrats!! xo yvonne

  2. Thanks Yvonne! Will let you know when the "Grand Opening" is!

  3. Rosanne... you are so right that things happen for a reason... they really do fall into place if we let them! I am so delighted for you that you are in the midst of creating this wonderful new partnership & business. Good luck with the final details! Can't wait to visit you in Marblehead!


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