Monday, July 25, 2011

Short and Sweet!

Short and sweet....relates not only to the size of this post, but a piece of furniture I designed for a client.  In a previous post entitled "It's A Jungle Out There",, I talked about using animal prints in home design.

My wonderful customer, Karen, needed more seating in a room we had already designed.  She wanted some footstools that would fit under her coffee table so they would be out of the way when not in use.  Her living room, which is still a work in progress, is the room I'm using multiple animal prints in.  Karen, being Karen, likes to carry theme and colors from one room to the next.  Her family room already utilized the taupe and black color scheme we were carrying over to the living room.  She fell in love with this darling Cheetah print from Kravet.

Kravet 16476-81 Cheetah

I looked in a bunch of my furniture catalogs, but the footstools I saw were either too high, too low or not the right style. A quick phone call to my extremely talented upholsterers, Armand and Roger, and we were in business!  They would construct the frame and upholster the piece with the specs I gave them AND the price wouldn't break the bank!  All I had to do was send them the fabric, the legs, and a workable drawing or picture.

I sent Armand and Roger a semi-workable drawing.  My sketching skills are sketchy at best!

After a few conversations, we decided that since the legs I found were shorter than my sketch, we would cover a larger part of the base with fabric and still have the "crown" on top.

Turned bun foot with tenon from Van Dyke's


I found some great legs online.  Van Dyke's Turned bun foot with tenon was the right height and the right feel.

A few weeks later, Armand and Roger dropped off the world's cutest footstools!!  Boys, you outdid yourselves this time!

Focus On Design Cheetah Footstool

Focus On Design Cheetah Footstool

Focus On Design Cheetah Footstool

Now my customer has the size, shape and fabric she wanted!  I can't wait to see her face when I deliver them!  Of course, if she reads my blog, the cat (or cheetah!) is already out of the bag!

"Enjoy Life!  This is not a rehearsal!" - Unknown

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  1. Great design & execution Rosanne... they are adorable & fulfill all of the desires! Bravo!


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