Friday, July 19, 2013


The 24th Annual Museums of Old York Decorator Showhouse is finally underway!  The "Secret Cove" was unveiled at a Gala Preview Party on July 12th.  Some last minute adjustments had to be made, but by the opening, the spaces were complete!  The transformation is amazing!!  The rooms have come alive and all have their own story to tell!  The talented and extremely creative designers came up with ways to work around "design issues".  Their thinking was totally "outside the box"!  When you go to visit, be sure to look at the "before" photos.  You will do a "double-take", I promise you!

Trio Girls - Katherine Hawkins, Yvonne Blacker, Rosanne Palazola
My Trio Design cohorts all came dressed to include some aspect of each of our rooms! (And no, we didn't plan this!)  Katherine, in the colors of Syrena's room, Yvonne with an aqua that was used in the space I designed and in Syrena's Room, and me in a black print that echos the Petite Powder Room.

So back to the space that was a little bit "green monster" and a lot of "the problem child".  The "Mudroom"  that was neither a room, nor contained mud, now has a new purpose, a new look and a new name - "The Poolside Portal"!  A pass-through space where you can grab what you need for a day of fun in the sun!  The palette of the space consists of seaside brights - the spring green of new blooms in the garden; the greyish white of the clouds outside and the turquoise blue reminiscent of the interior of a pool.  Margaritas?  Books? Sunglasses?  Snacks?  The Poolside Portal has it all!  Including the sunscreen!

I bet you are all anxious to see what the spaces look like after all our hard work!!!  Well, you will just have to come up and visit!  For my out of town friends, I will post plenty of before and afters, AFTER the run of the Showhouse.  Don't want to give it away to any who will see it in person!

But as usual, I can't resist a little tease!  So here are a couple of Pictures of the "Poolside Portal".

A Bowl of Tangerines for a POP of orange!

Sunglasses and reading material

Painting by Tracy Finn Fine Art

Please come up to visit!  Follow this link for schedule and directions.  I promise a fun day that will get you rethinking your own spaces!

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson  (Another tease!)

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