Monday, August 9, 2010

Color - The Series...Fjord Blue

Have you ever seen a view so beautiful it took your breath away?  On a recent trip to Norway, we took a ferry trip through the fjords.  The majestic mountains soaring 4000 feet straight up and the tranquil shades of aqua blue in the sky and water were just incredible!  It was all so calm and peaceful....heavenly!  And what better room to use "calm and peaceful", than in the bedroom!

The photographs of that wonderful trip served as my inspiration for the colors in my bedroom and bath.

Our first task was to find the perfect paint color!  Too blue...too green...too gray...too dark...too get the picture!  My husband and I had a difficult time deciding.  We finally landed on the perfect shades - Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue 1634 for the bathroom and Brittany Blue 1633 for the bedroom.

Duralee 41938 Sky Blue

In keeping with the tranquil theme, I decided to keep the comforter and curtains white, but I needed to add some color with pillows.  Duralee 41938 in Sky Blue, a geometric patterned cotton blend, would be great for the large, main pillow on the bed.


However, Norway wasn't all that tranquil!  Everywhere you looked, the Norway gnome was lurking!  Sprightly little people (well, figurines actually!) with pointy hats and long beards.  It is said they elevate practical jokes to an art form!  If you see that twinkle in their eye, watch out!

The bedroom was a little too tranquil.  I needed a "gnome" to liven things up a bit!

Duralee 20836

Duralee 20836 in Sea was the perfect "gnome"!  Fun and playful!  The blues matched the wall color and fabric from the other pillow.  The browns brought in the color of the furniture and the whites went nicely with the comforter and curtains.

Our project wouldn't have been complete without framing the pictures of the fjords that inspired us.  They now hang in our bathroom as a constant reminder of that wonderful trip we took!

(Yawn....)  This bed looks so inviting.  I feel a nap coming on....Until next time!

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."  Lyman Frank Baum


  1. What a neat way to incorporate something fun ... the gnome factor! Beautiful space, Rosanne!

  2. thanks Yvonne! Sometimes its amazing what inspires you!

  3. The photographs are beautiful... I can only image how breathtaking the views were in person... very visually inspiring. Lucky you for taking such a lovely trip!

    Blues are so tranquil & relaxing, they are perfect for a bedroom... you are right about them being tricky when it comes to finding the right ones... lots of different undertones. Your choices turned out perfect!

    By the way, did you book your trip to Norway through Travelocity? Their official Gnome seems to enjoy traveling along with his customers!

  4. Thanks Kat! Actually, my brother and I booked the whole trip ourselves! Their gnome looked a little too accident prone for us!


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