Monday, August 2, 2010

Color - The Series...Weimaraner Grey

For all those who don't know what a Weimaraner is, it's a beautiful breed of dog with a very sleek grey-brown coat, haunting yellowish grey eyes and a crazy personality.  They are very loyal hunting dogs but they have a tendency to scale 6 ft.  fences in a single bound or crash through plate glass windows...just because they can!

Our Weimer, Dusty, had her own particular brand of quirks.  She could take a plate of spaghetti off the table, lay it on the floor and devour it without ever spilling a drop!  She also learned to wipe her feet when coming in from outside.  (Good dog!)  And Dusty always had a perpetual lipstick print on her head from being kissed all the time.  Probably because she learned to wipe her feet!


I mentioned Dusty, not because she was a wonderful companion, (she was) but because of the color of her coat - that dusty-taupey grey.  Hence, the name "Dusty"!

The color grey usually conjours up dull, dingy and drizzly, as in a "grey day".  Grey is one of those colors that has a bad rap.  Look at the architecture and landscape of a city.  Most of the colors are grey and taupe.  With the right color accents, the colors of life,  there is an energy in what you see!

Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

On the other hand, grey is also a very calming,  soothing color.  One of my favorite grey fabrics is Travers Hornbuckle in Pebble.  The look is soft and tweedy.

The sofa shown here, in one of my favorite client's homes, looks comfortable, inviting and timeless!  This neutral doesn't have an expiration date like avocado colored appliances!

The taupe color we used on the walls, Benjamin Moore 985 Indian River, creates a nice, deep, warm  background for the room.  It lets the furnishings and accessories take center stage.

So when I look at grey, I am reminded of my childhood pet, my client's cozy sofa and a great weekend I had recently in New York City!  Nothing sad about it!

 "The photographer's palette is a thousand shades of gray" - H.E. Clark


  1. Where did you get that beautiful round, black table?

    1. I sell them through Focus on Design. If you are interested, I can get you the details!

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