Monday, February 14, 2011

The Color Of The Heart

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  Here's a no-brainer - color of the day....? (If you don't know the answer, go back to bed and start over again!)

Red - one of my favorite colors!  But like me, can only be taken in small doses!  It can be bold, sassy, and confident!  Red is my go-to accent color.

My "Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Heels" adds a playful touch to a neutral outfit...

The cardinal - a great pop of color during these very, very, very white days!

The rose my husband gave me for Valentine's Day!  The poor man - I have hog-tied him to the sofa on Monday nights to watch my favorite reality show - The Bachelor.  When he brought home the rose, I said "Yes, I will accept this rose..."  I need to step away from the TV...

Using red in your decor can be tricky.  If used in too many places, your room will scream at you, like the red of this Valentines themed hotel room.

Google Image
This is just RED DONE WRONG!!  There is no break from the red.  If I slept here, I'd be praying for white sheets!

Google Images - Elle Decor

The above picture is RED DONE RIGHT!!  The red walls are a soft orangy red, broken up by white moudling.  A few red furniture pieces for accent and that wonderful "not red" rug makes this room easy to be in.

Google images - Mdecodesign

The bold stripes of this kid's room from Mdecodesign makes this room fun!  White furniture and natural wood flooring let's the red stand out.

Google Images

 This ultra-contemporary room, above, uses red in a few places to make a bold statement.  Red is at home in all settings if used correctly.

Enjoy the rest of this Valentine's Day!  Embrace your "redness"!

"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." - Bill Blass


  1. No surprise that you started this post with SHOES (they are adorable by the way)! Love red for maximum impact... nothing compares!

  2. With me, its always about the shoes...and the pocketbooks!!


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